Honor S1 Silver Camera with 50mm f1,9 Hexanon lens & case Ex++

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Product Description

Honor S1 Silver Camera S/N 70046 Ex++ with 50mm f1,9 Hexanon Konishiroku Japan Lens Nr.3123273 with front cap.

Zuiho Opt. Co. Ltd Japan w. original leather case 

Nice very clean working camera and lens


ICHICON 35 / HONOR (1954-1960)

Exact copies of the Leica IIIc/f : loose copy of the Leica M.

Main Identification points:  Removable back & High level finish.

Who Made them :

Dai-Ichi Optical works first manufactured Zenobia 4 1/2 x 6 folding cameras (1951-1956), In 1953 it introduced  the 6x6 TLR Zenobiaflex and in 1954 the Ichicon 35 Leica copy,

after having changed its name for Zenobia OpticalWorks (1956), Dai-Ichi built the 24x36 compact Zenobia cameras (1957-1958)

In 1954, Mejiro Optical works put on the market the first HONOR S1 (which was identical to the Ichicon 35), From 1957 on, the HONORS (S1 and then SL) were engraved Zuiho (HappyEvent) instead of "Honor Opt".

HONOR S1 (1956-1959)

* Like the Ichicon 35 with two PC outlet.

* Large HONOR logo and HONOR Opt. Co. engraving on top.


1. 1957 - Characteristic speed boosted to 1/25th, small collar around the release, no more visible screw on the vertical sides of the top, necktrap lugs moved down ( on the covering),  smaller "honor" logo, tripod socket moved at the end of the baseplate (wind side)

2.1958 - As above, with enlarged viewfinder image, No more black frame in the middle of the back, white film reminder, "Zuiho" opt. co. Ltd" instead of Honor Opt" . engraving. No more "S1" engraving. Zuiho Opt. co, Ltd instead of "Honor Opt." engraving. No more S1  engraving.

3. 1958 - As above with 1/1000th to speed.

4. Possibly also sold under "Zenobia 35" name too.

In all, Less than 1000 units produced.

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