Sam Shoshan & Classic Connection LLC have been Leica specialists and Leica USA Authorized dealer for about 23 years and buying and selling Leica & other Collectible cameras for nearly 30 years. 

We are a mail order camera company located in Fairfield, Connecticut USA that specializes in Leica & collectible camera gear. We sell New USA camera gear and Used camera gear for users and professionals, as well as camera gear attractive for ALL photographers!

We have a reputation for honest, conservative grading on used gear.

Our highly knowledgeable staff is always available by phone, or by appointment, to answer questions about which item will best meet your photographic needs.

Authorized USA dealers for Leica & Zeiss, we also sell used & new USA Nikon, Canon, Rollei and Hasselblad gear.

One of our specialties is locating that rare, coveted camera piece you've fancied for your collection. Numerous items have been procured on a per request basis.

We sell items on consignment at a modest rate; please call Toll Free 888-534-2272 or 203-371-2352 or you can also Email us to learn more.

Our global customer base creates a constant demand for new and used camera gear. Sam Shoshan & Classic Connection LLC is always interested in buying, trading or taking gear on consignment so we can continuously meet our high product demand. This makes it easier for us to offer you the best price for your gear.

  • We evaluate & buy estates.

  • We will travel to purchase large collections and estate sale .

  • We offer outstanding customer service.


Feel free to e-mail or call us Toll Free 1.888.534.2272 or 203-371-2352 with your photographic needs.

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