Kristal 3S Silver w.50mm Kirnar Anastigmat Kristal lens & Kristall case Ex++ / Rare Leica copy Made in Italy .

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Product Description

Kristal 3S Silver (Italy ) camera Nr.01071 Marked GNM in Ex++ condition

Sold with: 50/3,5 Col. Kirnar Anastigmat Kristal lens and Original Kristal leather camera case Ex++

The Kristal 3S camera is Like the Kristal 3 with a PC outlet in the front of the body /Circa 1952

Nice Rare set. Original case front nose stitch  is loose, case strap one side leather is loose as well. 


Kristall / Wega


Loose copies of Leica Standard, II, IIIa and cameras showing some resemblance to the Leica M.

Common identification point: Bottom loading cameras with focal plane shutters.


Who made the Kristalls and Wegas ?

The Chinaglia Domenico Company, Established in Belluno (75Kms North from Venice) produced Leica copies which can be found marked "CD", "GNM" or "AFIOM"

CD means Chinaglia Domenico.

GNM means Guido Nonini Milano (a dealer established 24 viale Elzevia, Milan)

AFIOM (either dealer or a licensed manufacturer) was established 9 viale Montereale, Pordenone (60 Kms North East from Venice)

Kristall cameras (round shoulders bodies) are marked either CD or AFIOM.

GNM also dealt the Kristallettas (cheap leaf shutter 24x36 cameras)

Kristall were still listed in Chinaglia catalog as late as 1964.

The Chinaglia company is now part of an international group which specializes in measuring devices.

Kristall cameras are reckoned to have been built in about one thousand units per model.

with its sliding frames multifocal viewfinder (reminiscent of the Leica VIOOH)

the Kristall 53 anticipated the M3-which was to appear one year later !


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