Leica 100mm / f2.8 Apo Macro Rom (E60)

$4495 (Discontinued)

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Product Description

New USA Cat #11352 Its overall performance makes it the great role model in the 35 mm field : Where else are sharpness and contrast, vignetting and distortion at all focusing distances and in all applications so exemplary ? That extends the range of applications of the LEICA APOMACRO- ELMARIT-R 100 mm f/2.8 far beyond macro photography. Thus it also produces brilliant results in situations that are typical for medium tele lenses. And its focal length of 100 mm already enables it to enlarge subjects from a distance. That makes it much easier, for instance, to illuminate and to photograph shy small animals. When combined with the LEICA ELPRO 1:2–1:1, designed especially for use with this lens, the macro range can be explored down to a reproduction ratio of 1:1.

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