Leica 105/6,3 Mountain Elmar black complete Mint-


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Leica 105/6,3 Mountain Elmar Nr.251368 , black chrome finish complete with hood ,& original Leica front cap for the hood and Leica bake light back cap.

One of the most interesting lens design Leica made .

3975 total lens production made from 1932 to 1937 this particular lens was made in 1935 batch . Nice and Rare in Near Mint Condition.


Leica 105/6,3 Mountain Elmar :

Code :  ELZEN

Serial Nunits : 3,975mbers : From Approx,100,000 to approx 350,000

Units : 3,975

Finish : black/nickel , black/hrome

Focal length : 105mm

Apertures :  f6,3 - 9 -12,5 -18 -25 -36

Lens Elements : 4 (in 3 groups)

Angle of view : 24@

Minimum Distance : 2,60m

Mount : Fixed

Filters : A36 (snap on to the hood)


Hood : Kit and reversible

Weight : 240g

The Elmar 105mm f/6,3 was designed for photography in the mountains and as a result , is small and lightweight often called "alpine" or "mountain-Elmar" because of its designated purpose,

it was not as successful has it had been hoped for, as it was not very fast ,it required slow shutter speeds which often resulted in blurred photographs , The advertising found in the Leitz price list 7333 b of April,1936 , was of an entirely different opinion and,after having described the use for which it was designed , praised its light weights,small size and concludes : Given the highly acetonic lighting that is found at high altitudes, there is certainly no need for high speed"

Some all chrome Leica 105/6,3 Mountain Elmar lenses can be encountered , there is no mention in Leitz prices lists or catalog of such model and are considered units which have been tampered with by private individuals .

Rarity R+


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