Leica 180mm / 2.8 APO Elmarit Rom (E67) Cat# 11357

$5295 (Discontinued)

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Product Description

New USA Cat #11357 - The overall optical performance of this apochromatically corrected 180 mm lens can certainly be compared to that of the faster LEICA APO-SUMMICRON-R 180 mm f/2 lens. Even at full aperture, it is remarkable for its outstanding image quality. Coma as well as astigmatism and curvature of field can barely be detected. The rubber-armored lens hood effectively protects the lens against damage from impacts. As a lightweight and compact lens with this focal length, it is very well suited for portraiture, fashion, sports and landscape photography – even when it is not used on a tripod. Ingenious mechanical design and pleasing ergonomics make focusing especially easy.

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