Leica 35/1,4 Summilux (1966) Vintage M mount lens with black paint infinity lock w/ Leica metal hood,Ser 7 filter,box Ex++


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Leica 35/1,4 Summilux (1966) Vintage M lens with black paint infinity lock

Sold with: Leica metal  vented hood,Ser 7 filter, Leica box,Lens card Ex++

Clean glass, with no issues, Nice rare working lens.

Leica 35mm f/1,4 Summilux

Lens elements: 7 (in 5 groups)

Angle of view: 64@

Minimum distance 1m, 65cm with the M3

Filter: E 41 up to 2,166,700 then series 7

Hood: OLLUX / 12522

Weight: 245g, last production 195g.



With an optical design very similar to that of the fourth version of the Summicron 35mm and with the use of new rare earths optical glass, the year 1960 saw the birth of the extremely fast summilux 35mm f1,4 which with very few variants remained in prodution for 35 years.

Thanks to its compactness and light weight, it was a wide and lens without equal in the most difficult low light settings.

In 1983,150 units of this lens were produced just for Italian market and carried the inscription "Leica 1913-1983" and were destined for use with the M4-P which celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Leica co.

Beginning in 1992, the Summilux 35mm f1,4 was produced also in titanium version (code 11860) for use with the Leica M6 titanium.   

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