Leica 35/2 Summicron-M Black With Leica Hood, Pol. filter & Caps Ex+/++ / Free shipping (USA)

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Leica 35/2 Summicron-M 2nd Version (1969) Ex+/Ex++

Sold with:

The Leica 12585 Metal hood

Leica Pol filter 13352 (showing wear in glass center, see pictures)

Leica black metal front cap and Leica rear cap 


This 6 element Lens has the aperture tab and focus tab, clean glass showing normal wear on the lens barrel, Great compact for M Film or Digital users. 

Nice clean glass, the lens was tested on Leica Digital M camera and produces good images !


Leica 35/2 Summicron Lens History :

First Version- 1958-1969  / 8 Elements (in 6 groups), Serial numbers from Approx, 1,640,000 to 2,316,000 Approx 20,000 units made, Chrome finish and from 1963 black, minimum distance 70cm with Leica M2,65cm with Leica M3, 150g,225g with additional viewfinder

 Second and Third Version-  1969 - 1979 / 6 Elements (in 4 group), Serial numbers from Approx, 2,316,000 to approx 2,874,000, black finish, minimum distance 1m with Leica M3 , 70cm of all other M series, 170g.

Fourth Version -  1979 -1997 / 7 Elements (in 5 groups) , Serial numbers from Approx, 2,970,000  to 3,731,200 , Black finish and from 1992 also chrome, minimum distance 70cm, 190g for the first production, then 150g, chrome finish 250g.

35/2 summicron-M Aspherical. - 1997 / 7 Elements which one is Aspherical ( in 5 groups) Serial numbers from Approx, 3,731,295 ,black and chrome finish, 255g black finish, 340g chrome finish 

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