Leica film tank for loading cassettes in daylight, FOOVA, circa 1939 Mint-

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Leica film tank for loading cassettes in daylight, FOOVA, circa 1939


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"FOOVA"1939 Leitz Leica Film-Tank, Bulk film loader 100 meter A must-have for vintage Leica and Contax fans: daylight film spooling! Here is a chance to roll your own film! Precision made as only Leitz can do. Near Mint condition.  Purpose: Dispenses 35mm film from 100 meter rolls or smaller (100 foot, etc.) rolls onto Leica FOOVA cassette and Contax cassettes for use in still cameras.

Allows for daylight spooling of still-camera cassettes once bulk film has been loaded into the Leitz LeicaFilm-Tank in a changing bag or darkroom. Film is guided only along edge perforations by rollers and a sprocket gear-counter. The light trap uses no velvet brushes along film path so there is no emulsion contact with the film until spooled in cassette.

The Foova Has counter for frames wound onto cassette, and gauge for remaining meters of unspooled film. Knob for closing cassettes within loading chamber after spooling completed. Knob for catching and releasing tension roller/meter gauge when loading bulk film into main chamber.

This FOOVA has “K1444”Embossed on bottom: 

Construction: Black plastic of Bakelite density, aluminum, brass, steel, spring steel, wood, velvet, paint (crinkle-finish) and adhesive. Includes 1 cassette and parts and spacer options for bulk film roll types.

 “Once the bulk film has been loaded in darkroom or changing bag, the cassettes can be loaded in daylight. If you are using this system, loading the film is almost automatic. Place the film leader into the slit in the Leica cassette spool, close the chamber and turn the crank to roll the film.

The mechanism inside will automatically open so your film will not touch any surface. Once the film is rolled into the cassettes the mechanism will automatically close the cassettes and the black velvet slit of the loading tank to protect the unloaded bulk film from being exposed to light. Open the chamber and cut the film. No wastage or damage to film whatsoever.

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