Leica I (C) Standardized Nr.70988 with 35mm lens Ex/+

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Product Description

Leica I (C) Standardized Nr.70988 , year made 1931 - 1933 sold with 35mm f3,5  summaron lens Nr.1222078  

Camera Condition Ex/+: working camera ,brassy top and base ,see pictures , volcanite is good , Leica 35/3,5mm summaron lens Nr.1222078   silver need repair iris is not openning.

Leica I (C)  camera SNR-Range 55,404 - 99,755

Year made : 1931-1933

Units made : 7,231

Lens: standardized screw-mount interchangeble 

Shutter: focal plane

Viewfinder: Galilean

Rangefinder: no

Shutter speed: 1/20 , 1/30 , 1/40, 1/60 , 1/100 , 1/200 , 1/500 , +Z

Slow speed: NO

Synchronization: NO

Film speed dial: NO

Rewind knob: Not extendible

Self timer: NO

Strap lugs: NO


The 1931 Leica I was an improved version of the 1930 model. In particular, the screw-mount was standardized so that it was possible to use any lens without having to change the calibration.

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