Leica IIIc "Luftwaffen-Eigentum" (wrongly engraved( with Leica 5cm f2 Summitar "Luftwaffen-Eigentum" lens w/case.filter,cap Nice /RARE Call or Email for price and more info.


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Leica IIIc "Luftwaffen-Eigentum"  camera FL No. 38079 Nr. 385722 Ex++ This camera is from a 1944 batch 100% authentic camera with engraving error.

(Engraved Luftwaffen-Eigentun on the back )

Sold with matching Leica 5cm f2 Summitar  "Luftwaffen-Eigentum" lens with Leica leather case, Leica original filter, Leica lens cap Nice 1944 outfit 


More info about this camera set From James Lager Leica Historian :

"In the serial number range 385600-385800 there are at least 155 Leica IIIc's going to the Luftwaffe. Shipment 13082 on 11.8.44 to Berlin.
Look at my book Wehrmacht Leica on page 22 and page 85 ( Appendix J ).
The Summitar 578804 went to  Berlin on 17.2.44 on shipment 9912. Shipments 13082 and 9912 are not written Luftwaffe. They are authentic Luftwaffe deliveries but are not written as such. We call them hidden deliveries.this is a prime item and the incorrect engraving is rarely seen.Sam, I have handled cameras from this batch and they are always fascinating. Think of the time frame, August 1944. Germany was losing the War. German industry, including Leitz Wetzlar, was struggling to fill orders. Make the item,engrave it as required, ship it to Berlin while things were going to hell in a hurry for the Reich. Pressure, lots of pressure. It is no wonder that an engraver could make a mistake. "
Keep me informed. Jim. "


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