Leica M3 Black Paint original camera With box,case,meter , Just CLA'd /SOLD


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Product Description

Leica M3 Original black Paint, The camera was Just Cleaned, Lubed & Adjusted (by DAG) and it is in perfect working condition.

The volcanite body covering was patched as well.

Sold with:

Leica M3 original box, Leica M3 leather case, Leica MR-4 black meter (not tested-not working) Leica M3 original instruction manual, Leica original body cap.


Leica M3 cameras:

The Leica M3 camera was introduced in 1954. The first production model being number 700000. The camera was produced in large numbers until general production ceased in 1966 at number 1158995.

The M3 was the first production model to use a bayonet type lens mount, which greatly facilitated rapid lens changing. a short 30" turn locked the lens in position. The viewfinder / rangefinder system was designed so that both shared a common eyepiece. The new system also provided bright-line frames for 50mm, 90mm, and 135mm focal lengths, each with automatic parallax adjustment. A further improvement was the rapid wind lever which with to short strokes wound on the film and tension the shutter. On changing the film the counter reset automatically to zero and the camera back was hinged to provide access for film loading. Flash synchronization is automatic. separate contacts are provided for expandable and electronic flash units. The shutter speeds from B to 1/1000 of a second are incorporated in a single dial. Code name for the camera was IGEMO. catalogue number 10680E.  

Variations : 

Pre-Production run for evaluation "Nul" series four serial number commencing "O" many minor differences, most obvious external manual reset frame counter 1955. manual frame selector incorporated from number 785891. 1957 pressure plate changed from glass to metal from number 844001. 1957 shutter speeds changed to mathematical progression from number 854001. In 1958 single stroke film transport lever replaced the double stroke from number 915251.Numbers 910501-910600, 1158996 - 1159000 and 1206962 - 1206999 were finished in olive green for the German Arm. The last batch being made in 1968 after general production had ceased. Four digit serial number followed by an asterisk and adapted for Leicavit possibly pre-production MP. Many changes of small details : lug shape / Size / Position throughout production run. 1958: two notches added to rangefinder frame in viewfinder to indicate depth of field. A small batch were finish in black paint.

Total Productions of the Leica M3:  Chrome 215944  , ELC 7080, Olive 144 , Black 3010

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