LEICA M6 Ausrüstung Benelux Rangefinder 0.72 mag Camera Model, 96 Mint- camera / Just CLA'd / Free shipping (USA only)

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LEICA M6 Ausrüstung Benelux Rangefinder Camera Model, 1996

Nice near mint condition working camera, sold with cap and strap.

The camera shutter and meter just CLA'd 

"Ausrüstung":- A German word simply explained as "equipment". "Benelux":- is a term which refers to the 3-Nations Economic Zone which was original formalized back in 1948 - it was something like a economic trading block, comprised of three countries, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. The name Benelux was deprived from beginning of each country's name. " ... Benelux arose out of a customs convention signed in 1944, but was not fully established until 1958. The union was established to promote free movement of workers, capital, goods, and services in the Benelux region. All three countries were also founding members of what has become the European Union (EU), which has implemented these same reforms. Benelux was the first entirely free international labor market, but its goal of merging the fiscal and monetary systems of the three countries was only largely fulfilled when most EU nations replaced their currencies with the EURO (2002)...". Ref: Columbia Encyclopedia.


It was not known why there was a special issue of a LEICA for the Benelux economic zone but most probably it was due to tariffs, quota and/or regional importing restrictions imposed within the three-Nations during that period. A typical Leica M6 Benelux chrome camera, would be having engraving at the top plate of "Leica Demo Ausrustung Benelux 96" as well as an old EU emblem The camera was supplied with Summmicron-M 1:2/35mm with front / rear caps as well as lens hood 12524 and a soft leather pouch. Together with original makers box for both camera and lens, camera box contains 2 instructions booklets (English and French) copy of Leica pass International, a Leica "thank you" cards written in French and in English, camera strap. Lens box contains warranty card with serial number attached to it.



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