LEICA M6 "Ein Stück Camera Set with Leica 35/1,4mm Asph matching lens,box,and paperwork ,Mint/- SOLD


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Leica M6 black camera "Ein Stuck Leica"  Camera Set Mint/-

Sold with: Leica matching Summilux-M 1:1.4/35 Asph, Ein Stuck lens ,hood,caps,manual in Leica original wooden box,manual and paperwork. / Nice Set #280/996

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More info About the Ein Stuck camera set :

LEICA M6 "Ein Stück Leica", Börsengang. 1996
To commemorate the special occasion of IPO and successful listing on the Frankfort Stock Exchange in 1996, Leica had released a special edition Leica M6 to mark a milestone in Leica corporate development. After here onwards, Leica departed itself from century long private entity into a public Listed Company.

This special LEICA M6 model was rather unique in quite a few ways. Firstly, most noticeable was the appearance, in particularly the body covering. Instead of conventional leatherette used, Leica had redesigned a new body covering with tiny repetitive small embossed LEICA logos. Basically, nice in its appearance but probably this was the first M-model that started to offer with a non-natural leatherette. Another more prominent feature was an engraving of a LEIVA share certificate in denomination of DM500 with indicative S/N. 0000 at the top plate.


As it was intended as a special edition M6, the LEICA M6 "Ein Stück Leica" Börsengang 1996 model also was allocated with special engraved Serial Number on the camera body along side with Leica standard production S/N (Serial numbers range from 2300001 to 2300996). The special S/N on the camera body matched with the SUMMILUX-M 35MM F1.4 ASPH where additional lens production numbering was engraved. The Serial numbering has its starting unit i.e. 001/996 (Edition Serial Code) w/2300001 (production Serial Code) being placed as permanent collection display unit at Leica Museum in SOLMS. While the ending code was 996, which indicated the entire series of Ein Stück Leica Börsengang 1996 has a total production figure of 996 units. There are some relative meaning to the "996" in the odd issued number as it was short for September, 1996 - the month and year of LEICA IPO.


At the rear section, just under the film advance lever, you will find an additional engraving of "Ein Stück Leica" Börsengang 1996. "Ein Stück Leicain German can be translated as "A Unit and/or a A Piece of Leica"; while "Börsengang" means "IPO" (Initial Public Offering"). The "Ein Stück Leica" probably means the Engraved Share Certificate or as a whole, can be refer to the special edition unit to commemorate the IPO.


A complete package of LEICA M6 "Ein Stück Leica" Börsengang 1996 model for collection should include the matching SUMMILUX-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH wideangle lens in black finish.

Technically, the -M 1.1:4/35 ASPH supplied was Mark II series. It was reported it has production S/N coding with 3758xxx (while the earliest series should have 346xxxx. Anyway, it is not so important as individual lens has matched Edition S/N with the camera Edition S/N i.e. xxx/996 engraved. The lens has excellent handling and various lens features displaying properties, probably the only thing you can picked on is the tiny ridged aperture control ring. The depth of field scales almost have all the working apertures covered, except for f/2.0 & f/4.0.


Leica M6 "Ein Stuck" 996 units of these were made in 1996. It depends on how affectionate you are with the trade name LEICA. After all, it was a special edition released to celebrate Leica entering the public stock exchange and it was done in the most appropriate fashion with a special edition camera/lens combo as LEICA was itself a camera/lens manufacturer. Probably to those who may have great passion towards the long established tradename in the business, it carried more meaning than any other previous releases and thus it has a specially engraved top plate showing a share of Leica stock. Serial numberings for this edition range from 2300001 to 2300996 with the first unit, bearing serial number 2300000 was kept as a showcased unit at Leica museum to mark the corporate development of the Company.

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