LEICA M6 PLATINUM (10454) ANTON BRUCKNER 1824~1896, 1996 set with Leica 50mm lens Nice Mint/- set

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LEICA M6 PLATINUM ANTON BRUCKNER 1824~1896, camera Set with Leica 50/2,8 Collapsible Elmar  matching number with hood,box,caps. Set #05-02

Wooden box latch doesn't close properly.



LEICA M6 PLATINUM (10454) ANTON BRUCKNER 1824~1896, 1996

In 1996, LEICA AG had introduced two almost identical Leica M6 PLATINUM models with a companion ELMAR-M 1:2.8/50mm Platinum-plated lens but each came with a different issued theme. The comparing M6 Platinum Schmidt Centenary 151 units Edition has a localized theme where it was released by the active Leica distributor in the far east to commemorate the Group's 100 years of establishment in the Asia Pacific Region.


Coincidentally, the LEICA M6 PLATINUM ANTON BRUCKNER 1824~1896 200 units Special Edition featuring here was also work of another Leica distributor, Leitz-Austria Vertriebs GmbH. You can regarded one of them was an oriental version and another has a raw European nature but each carried a differing objective. But I guess side by side comparison, the Anton Bruckner M6 Platinum has a slightly more wider appeal as it uses a universal icon in music scene as compare to the Schmidt's M6 Platinum Edition which was more restricted theme as a localized version. However, it may take classical music lovers cum Leica photographer and/or collector to appreciate such a theme in its release.

Note: the "
1824~1896" denoting the year of birth/death of Anton Bruckner. 1996 was to commemorate 100 years of his departure.


Anton Bruckner was an Austrian too and was one of the great music composer who had left the music world with series of master pieces. He was born in September 04, 1824 in Ansfelden, Austria and passed away also in his native country, at Vienna, Austria on October 11, 1896. The birth date (1824) and the year (1896) was engraved on both he M6 Platinum edition to mark his life time achievement in music arena. In 1996, it was exactly 100 years after departure of the Austrian Music Master and Leitz-Austria had found a perfect theme for the M6 Special Edition to commemorate the 100 years after death of their countryman.


Works of Anton Bruckner:

Orchestral music
* Sym. no.‘0’, d (1864)
* Sym. no.1, c (1866, rev. 1891)
* Sym. no.2, c (1872, rev. 1876), Sym. no.3, d (1877, rev. 1889)
* Sym. no.4, ‘Romantic’, EÅÛ (1874, rev. 1880, 1886)
* Sym. no.5, BÅÛ (1876)
* Sym. no.6, A (1881)
* Sym. no.7, E (1883)
* Sym. no.8, c (1887, rev. 1890)
* Sym. no.9, d, unfinished (1896)
* ov., marches

Chamber and keyboard music
* Str Qnt, F (1879)
* 5 other chamber works
* org preludes, fugues
* pf pieces
Sacred vocal music
* Mass, bÅÛ (1854)
* Mass no.1, d (1864)
* Mass no.2, e (1866)
* Mass no.3, f (1868)
* mass movts
* Te Deum, C (1884)
* c 50 psalms, cantatas, choruses

The basis of LEICA M6 Anton Bruckner Edition was a LEica M6 with Platinum plated body finishing. It was supplied with an ELMAR-M 1:2.8/50mm which is also Platinum plated and has special engraving. The leather work for this Leica Edition uses an usual Iguana skinned leatherette to give it such a glittering contrast with the precious metal fitted exterior appearance.



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