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Product Description

Cat #14408 A compact and quiet motor which is activated by the camera's shutter release button, and is capable of producing picture sequences of up to 3 images per second.

The combination of camera, motor and lens forms a well-balanced unit with extremely pleasant handling characteristics. The motorized film advance provides the photographer with a choice of two speeds: 1.5 and 3 shots per second. The slower mode permits notice-ably more quiet and thus less conspicuous photographing. Operates on 2 lithium batteries 3V type 123 A (capacity at least 100 films with 36 exp. a t 20°C).

Dimensions: Width 138 mm, height 78 mm (incl. grip), depth 56 mm.

Weight: Approximately 225 g (without batteries).

Tripod socket 1/4", centered under the optical axis of the lens.

Single and series exposures activated by the camera’s shutter release button.

Frame rates: Setting I: 1.5 shots per second, Setting II: 3 shots per second

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