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The Leica S 37.5 MP 7500 x 5000 pixel Sensor resolution Digital Camera New USA Cat #10803 

Sold with Leica USA warranty ! 

The next generation in the successful line, the Leica S offers increased imaging quality and sensor sensitivity,
predictive autofocus, higher speed and improved handling. Numerous enhanced functions contribute to the camera's
further acceleration and greater security of the professional photographic workflow.
▸ The smallest, fastest and most versatile medium format camera on the market
▸ Outstanding image quality with new, improved imaging system components
▸ Comprehensive portfolio of excellent Leica S lenses
▸ Simple operation thanks to a refined, intuitive, joystick-based control concept




Optimum image quality

The Leica S features a specially designed and more efficient autofocus system. The sensitivity range of its sensor has also been increased: its lowest sensitivity of ISO 100 allows longer working at maximum aperture in bright conditions and the highest setting of ISO 1600 ensures perfect exposures under even the most adverse lighting conditions. Ultimate imaging quality is guaranteed.



Fast and efficient

The 2 GB buffer memory plays a significant role in the increased image-processing speed. It also allows extended sequences to be shot in continuous-shooting mode. The Leica S can capture up to 32 consecutive images in DNG format with lossless compression at a maximum rate of 1.5 frames per second. In JPEG-only mode, the number of images in sequence is limited only by memory card capacity.

Intuitive handling

The intuitive handling concept of the new Leica S gets by with a minimum of control elements. All functions are displayed in a clear and simple layout on the monitor screen and settings are entered with four soft keys and a click wheel. Brand new features of the control concept are a five-way switch in the form of a mini-joystick and an even clearer layout of the user interface.


Integrated GPS

The Leica S is the only professional DSLR to feature an integrated GPS module. This allows the registration of exposure location details in the EXIF data of each image file. Local times and time zones are automatically synchronised. The software provided allows the location and capture time of each image to be plotted on a map.

Informative display

With 920,000 pixels covering the 16.7 million colours of the sRGB colour space, the 3" TFT monitor enables bright and clear image viewing and assessment of sharpness, even in adverse lighting conditions. Whenever required, photographers can also superimpose exposure parameters and a transparent brightness or RGB histogram on the monitor image.


Finaly tuned ergonomics

Although a heavyweight in terms of technology, the new Leica is a featherweight in the hand. Its compact construction, ideal balance and a comparatively low weight of only 1,260 g are advantages that, along with the ergonomics of the handgrip, the grip characteristics of its armouring and ideal placement of all its controls, guarantee fatigue-free photography

Dual memory card support

The Leica S has two memory card slots for writing data simultaneously to CompactFlash and SD cards. The advantages: increased memory capacity and faster write speeds. The workflow also becomes easier, as DNG files for processing and JPEGs for image review can be saved separately on different cards.

Top connectivity

Dust- and splash-proof interfaces allow connection of the new Leica S with Macs or PCs via cable to its LEMO USB port – to read images from memory cards, control the camera remotely or to integrate studio flash systems, for example. An HD TV can also be connected for precise image review. Appropriate cables with robustly constructed strain-relief connectors are supplied with the camera.


Power packed photography

The new Leica S allows almost 1,000 exposures on a single battery charge. If that’s not enough, the range of S-Accessories offers a professional charger for two batteries, a 12-volt connector for the lighter socket in vehicles and a remote power supply for static shooting. A special mechanism prevents the battery falling out when the battery compartment is opened.

LEICA S Reduced to the max
The outstanding imaging quality of the Leica S is not attributable to any single system component. Every single
component is optimized to perfection, but its true powers are shown by their interaction. Decisive proof of this can be
seen in the 37.5 megapixel CCD image sensor, specially developed for Leica, with micro lens shift and an infrared filter,
which - together with the extremely high performance of the Maestro processor - ensures that creative ideas always
lead to outstanding images.
A fast processor alone is not enough to ensure high data throughput. You also need fast and large buffer memory.
Boosting the Leica S's buffer to 2 GB means accelerated image processing across the board; however, its essential
purpose is supporting long image sequences in continuous shooting mode. The Leica S can store up to 32 DNG files
with lossless compression, or 28 uncompressed DNG files, at a full consecutive shooting speed of 1.5 fps, before the
buffer is filled. In JPEG mode, the length of the consecutive shooting sequence is only limited by the capacity of the
memory card.
The new Leica S was developed in cooperation with professional photographers to meet their requirements. Besides
image quality, reliability, and ease of use, the focus was on photographic versatility. A dust and spray water protected
camera body, the dual shutter system consisting of a focal plane and central shutter, and an extended ISO range for
perfect adaptation to existing light, form the basis of the large range of photographic applications that the new Leica S
masters: from advertising photography, through fashion, photo journalism, to nature and travel photography.
The Leica S combines the dimensions of a 35mm SLR with the imaging quality of the medium format. Thanks to its
ergonomic handgrip with improved anti-slip characteristic, the Leica S rests perfectly in your hands. Its center of
gravity is positioned so as to prevent fatigue while you are working, as the camera is lighter than professional 35mm
DSLRs at just 1260g (2.8 lbs.) (including battery) despite having an extremely robust magnesium body. In comparison
with traditional medium-format system cameras, where a digital element had to be combined with an existing analog
camera, the Leica S has the enormous advantage that all its components are perfectly placed. The result: perfect
When you hold a Leica S in your hands, you find the controls exactly where you expect them to be. Its layout and
design, similar to that of a classic 35mm SLR, ensuring intuitive handling in every respect, for instance by combining
familiar elements like the shutter speed dial with state-of-art controls. Everything about the Leica S is dedicated to
providing photographers with all the options they need for a spontaneous style of work.
Although a digital system camera offers numerous functions and settings, everyday professional photography demands
one thing in particular – the ability to concentrate on the picture you want. With this in mind, Leica developed an
incomparably intuitive operating concept for the S that relies on an absolute minimum of control elements. The central
controls on the Leica S are the shutter speed dial, the click wheel and the 5-way button, which can be reached
comfortably with your right thumb. These controls allow the photographer to adjust the exposure setting and navigate
the menus. In a nutshell: anyone holding a Leica S in their hands for the first time can rely completely on their intuition
when getting to know its extensive range of functions. In fact, it sets entirely new standards in user-friendliness.
LEICA S Technical Details
Camera Leica S (Type 006)
Order number 10803
Camera type Digital medium format SLR camera
Lens mount LEICA S bayonet
Compatible lenses LEICA S lenses
Image sensor CCD sensor
Sensor size Leica Pro format 45 x 30 (mm)
Aspect ratio 3:2
Sensor resolution 37.5 MP 7500 x 5000 pixel
Pixel size 6μm
Micro lenses on sensor Yes, with micro lens shift
Dynamic range 12 f-stops
Low-pass filter No, for maximum detail transfer
IR filter on sensor
Color depth 16 bit
Working color space
Image settings (JPEG) Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation
ISO range autoISO, ISO100, ISO200, ISO400, ISO800, ISO1600
White balance autoWB, daylight 5200K, cloudy 6000K, shade 7000K, tungsten light 3200K, HMI 5600K,
Neon warm 4000K, Neon cool 4500K, Flash 5400K, Gray card, Color temperature 2000K to
Exposure modes Single
Self-timer 2s with mirror-up function
Self-timer 12s with mirror-up function
Mirror-up function Yes
Exposure modes M (manual), P (program automatic), T (time pre-select), A (aperture priority), B (BULB with
time pre-select)
Image data format DNG, DNG lossless compressed, JPEG fine/standard, 37.5 MP, 9.3 MP 2.3 MP, DNG+JPEG
File sizes DNG: approx. 72MB, DNG lossless compressed: 42MB
JPEG: approx. 1MB-16MB (depending on image content, compression ratio and resolution)
Storage media SD (SDXC), CF (UDMA7), external (PC)
Continuous shooting
(Burst frequency: max. number of pictures / max. resolution)
2 B/s: max. number 100 / 10 MP max. resolution
5 B/s: max. number 100 / 10 MP max. resolution
11 B/s: max. number 12/ 10 MP max. resolution
40 B/s: max. number 40 / 5 MP max. resolution
60 B/s: max. number 60 / 2.5 MP max. resolution
Memory 2GB RAM
Frame rate max. 1.5 fps
Buffer memory DNG: up to 28 consecutive images, DNG lossless compressed: up to 32 consecutive images
JPEG: unlimited
Menu languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese traditional and simple, Russian
Computer interface High-speed USB2.0
Exposure metering Open aperture measurement through lens TTL
Exposure metering
Multi-pattern, center-weighted, spot (3.5 %)
AE lock Shutter release or AF/AE memory button (on back of camera)
compensation + /- 3 EV in 1/2 f-stops
Bracketing Yes, 3 or 5 images, 1/2EV, 1EV, 2EV, 3EV
automatic mode (all images captured with a single press of the shutter release)
Light metering range Spot (ISO100, f=2.5 ) +2.1EV to +20EV
Multi-pattern/center-weighted (ISO100, f=2.5 ) +1.1EV to +20EV
Shutter Focal plane shutter (microprocessor-controlled shutter)
Central shutter (with Leica S central shutter lenses)
Shutter speeds 1/4000s to 125s
Flash control SCA 3502 max. compatibility LEICA SF58 (order number. 14488)
TTL, TTL-HSS (up to 1/4000s), A, M, Strobe, start or end of exposure
Flash synchronization Focal plane shutter: 1/125s with Leica SF58 in HSS (high-speed sync) up to 1/4000s
central shutter: 1/1000s
Flash synchronization
Start of exposure
End of exposure
Flash sockets Accessory shoe, Flash sync socket, LEMO® synchronous flash
Focus Central cross type sensor (phased autofocus)
Focus methods AFs (sharpness priority), AFc (shutter release priority)
AF (can be can be corrected at any time by manual focus)
MF (manual focus with focus indicator on back panel display)
Focus memory 2. Shutter release pressure point, AF/AE memory button
Viewfinder Pentaprism type
compensation -3 dpt to +1dpt
Viewfinder coverage approx. 98%
0.86 with 70mm lens, infinity, 0 diopter.
Scope of delivery Camera , Battery Charger, Battery Pack, AC Cable, USB Cable, Shoulder Strap, CD-ROM,
Hot Shoe Cover, Lens cap, Lens cap string
Software Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (available for download on the Leica homepage)
Eyepieces Mag. Viewfinder shutter (included in package content)
Horizon, exposure time, exposure metering mode, aperture, flash status, exposure balance,
flash synchronization indicator, focus indicator, exposure metering method, exposure
compensation, remaining shots (on storage medium), buffer, warnings, ISO
Top plate display Colored OLED
Back panel display 3" brilliant TFT LCD, Resolution: 921,600 pixels, Color space: sRGB, 16 million colors,
Frame coverage: 100% , View angle: 170 °, Cover glass: Corning®Gorilla®Glass
Power supply Leica Battery S Lithium-ion battery, 7.4V, 2100mAh, Leica AC Adapter S

Other Details

S-System Trade Up Program:
S-System Trade Up Program - Receive Instant $5,000,Trade Up Program effective April 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014. Through this program, customers can trade up any SLR camera or medium format camera to purchase a NEW Leica S (Typ 006),

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