Leica Soft Release Button for M-System Cameras Black 100 years anniversary edition New Cat #14019 / limited supply In stock / free shipping

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Leica Camera is pleased to present several new accessories for the different Leica M cameras (analog & digital) - the
Leica Soft Release Buttons and the 32 GB SD card - centennial edition as part of Leica’s ‘100 Years of Leica
Photography’ celebrations.
The Leica Soft Release Buttons were designed as a response to customers’ requests and allows the customer to use
any of the different M cameras with more control and comfort. These buttons are easily screwed into the shutter
button of any M camera, be it an analog or digital M. These buttons have a painted brass finish and are available in 4
designs and two sizes, 12 mm and 8 mm.
Additionally, these buttons can be worn as pins on jackets, etc. turning it into a fashion accessory. The Leica 100 years
anniversary edition button is limited to 1,000 pieces. Cat #014-019


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