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Leica X2 Digital Compact Camera New USA With Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 ASPH Lens (Black)

Leica Camera is pleased to introduce the Leica X2, featuring the latest sensor technology in combination with the fast 35mm Leica Elmarit lens.

Available in black and silver, the X2 which is made in Germany .

The Leica X2 offers the following:
• Newly developed APS-C CMOS Sensor with an effective resolution of 16.1 MP
• Leica Elmarit 1;2.8/24 mm ASPH (35 mm equivalent: 35 mm)
• Simple operation and manual adjustment possibilities
• High quality materials
• Connection for high resolution electronic viewfinder for new photographic perspectives
• Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, the comprehensive solution for modern digital photography
• Made in Germany


New developed APS-C CMOS Sensor with an effective Resolution of 16.1 Mega-Pixel
The CMOS image sensor of the Leica X2 in APS-C format is unusually large for such a compact camera. The result: extremely low image noise, high dynamic range, and accurate color differentiation. The combination of an exceedingly large sensor and high-performance lens sets new standards in image quality in the compact camera category. And this is where the Leica X2 shows its true greatness.
Classic Focal Length: Leica Elmarit 1:2.8/24 mm ASPH (35mm equivalent)
Countless iconic images in the history or photography were shot with a focal length of 35 mm – the classic lens for photojournalism. The Leica Elmarit 24 mm/f2.8 ASPH lens is equivalent to this famous focal length in 35 mm film format, with its superb optical performance opens up a broad vista of potential uses.
Precise Auto Focus
The Leica X2’S fast, new autofocus feature enables extremely precise and virtually silent focusing. Perfect for situations where spontaneous reactions are essential to capture the right moment. It adapts flexibly to the situation in hand, for example, with a choice AF focusing segments or face recognition. This allows the photographer to concentrate exclusively on their subject.
The design of the Leica X2 also expresses Leica’s commitment to the essentials, thanks to its compact size and classic finish. Reminiscent of the traditional Leica M-Design, the X2 becomes an instant love affair – not just down to its captivating looks, but also the wonderful feel in your hands. Once held, even for a moment, it becomes difficult to put down. The camera’s robustly-engineered, full-metal chassis is reassuringly solid, while its leather trim is comfortable to the touch and provides a perfect grip. The superior finish, using the most premium materials, makes the Leica X2 a true pleasure to hold, but its ultimate qualities are revealed when the photographer is shooting.
Most Simple Control
For simple snapshots or painstakingly arranged compositions – the Leica X2 is the ideal camera for anyone with a passion for photography in its purest form. That’s because it enables split-second changes between automatic and manual control. The robust dials on the top plate allow easy setting of the shutter speed and aperture. Moreover, changing the plane of focus, adjusting white balance, and other imaging parameters, allows photographers to consciously influence the look or mood of their images. In live view mode, the generously-sized, high-contrast 2.7“LCD screen offers photographers constant control and a clear and detailed view, even in bright conditions.
Differences between the Leica X2 and Leica X1
• Newly developed sensor which provides high image quality especially at low light and optimized auto focus speed.
• Connection for high resolution electronic viewfinder.
• New touch and feel of the operating elements, new leather trim and surfaces.
• New pop-up flash with latch trip.
• Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, latest version.


The Leica X2 is a 16MP APS-C compact camera with a fixed 36mm equivalent F2.8 lens.

The camera is an updated version of its X1, with the biggest changes being the use of a 16.2MP CMOS sensor and the addition of an accessory socket for adding an optional 1.44M dot 'Viso-Flex' electronic viewfinder. An add-on handgrip is also available. Leica says it has improved the autofocus system

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