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Nikon S3 Limited Edition Black camera set with 50mm f1,4 lens in original box,Nikon Leather case,Nikon Lens hood,Warranty cards,Lens cap Mint/LN-

Beautiful condition,it doesn't look like it was used by the previous owner..


Nikon introduced the S3 2000 rangefinder camera In February 2000, a near duplicate of their classic 1958 S3 in chrome finish.   In June 2002 the black paint S3 2000 was introduced, with a production of 2000.  

Introduced with the "New S3 " camera was a new formula multi-coated 50/1.4 Nikkor lens. It is the only multi-coated normal yet made in Nikon rangefinder mount, and is presumably the sharpest ever, the beneficiary of over four decades of optical improvements.  

Nikon discontinued their rangefinder line in 1964 the reintroduction of the S3  chrome and black finish was a great news and was well received ! 

Both the 1958 and 2000 S3's are very much classic rangefinder cameras.  Nikon made them identical except for very minor details.  Classic S3 serial numbers begin with "63xxxx."   S3 2000 serial numbers begins with "S3 20xxxx" for chrome bodies and "S3 30xxxx" for black bodies.     The S3 2000 50/1.4 lens serial numbers start with "20xxxx" for either the chrome or silver bodies, the only black 50/1.4 Nikon rangefinder lens to use that number block.   

It was quite a production to produce S3's again, as all the original dies were long gone, and Nikon had not produced a hand assembled camera since the F2 stopped production in 1978.   Originally Nikon announced only 2000 of the chrome S3 2000. The camera proved so popular however, I am told over 8000 factory orders were placed before order taking was closed.  Most S3 2000's  were sold in Japan, with relatively few being officially exported.   This resulted in an over-saturated Japanese market, with many dealers sending the chrome S3 2000's  back to the factory.   A Tokyo dealer friend of mine believes Nikon made new black paint covers and backs for 2000 of the chrome   cameras in in order to sell them, though I have not heard of any official confirmation or denial from Nikon.   Many long time Nikon Rangefinder fans believe that the black paint S3 2000 should have been made from the start. 



Differences between the S3 2000 and the original info froS3


  • Classic S3 serial numbers begin with "63xxxx." S3 2000 serial numbers begin with "S3 20xxxx" for chrome bodies and "S3 30xxxx" for black bodies.

  • The black S3 2000 has a duller paint finish than the original, and does not appear to be sprayed on like the original 

  • Film reminder is "24/36" instead of "20/36"

  • Film speed reminder is calibrated in "ISO" instead of "ASA"

  • The baseplate has "MADE IN JAPAN" on the bottom near the tripod socket, instead of "Japan" on the back opening / closing latch.

  • The back has no patent numbers inside, the original has 6 patent numbers

  • The film advance lever is Nikon F style,  larger and solid, instead of being hollow underneath.  

  • The film counter top is Nikon F style with 6 concentric rings on top, instead of 3

  • The interior of the PC connection is slightly different

  • Stainless steel straabp lugs larger than original 

  • The knob on the rewind lever is slightly larger

  • Different boxes and camera cases

  • There are probably other differences as well, especially internally

 Above info from camera quest


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