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Leica Camera Inc - Leica Camera Official Web Site

LHSA - Leica Historical Society Of America

Hasselblad - Hasselblad Camera Official Web Site

Mamiya USA - Mamiya Camera Official Web Site

Cotten Music Center - The Best Music Source Run by Darci & Kim

Shutterbug - Shutterbug Magazine

Zoom & Classic Camera Magazine - The best source for collectors and users

Fotografz - Romantic Photojournalism by Marc Andrew Williams

Erwin Puts - The art and science of Leica photography. Great Web Site with Mr. Puts Test reports

Nikon USA - Nikon Camera Camera Official Web Site

Canon USA - Canon Camera Official Web Site

Direction One Inc - Vince Lupo direction one inc photography and design

Aboud Dweck Photographer - Aboud Dweck – Photographer's Work

Leitax Company - a site dedicated to make our cameras even more enjoyable . David Llado & Leitax present you a new lens mount designed to use on different mount camera / Leica for Nikon /Leica - Sony / Leica for Sigma /Leica for Canon / and more . We purchase some and converted lenses for Nikon and were very happy with them . Fyi we now carry and will convert your lens . Call sam for more info.

Michael HINTLIAN - very interesting work by Michael HINTLIAN the MAN and friends..!

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