Sell Your Camera

We find the act of selling your camera is difficult on the seller; it needs to be handled fairly and with care.  

Often it is an emotional decision to sell your personal collection that you worked hard to obtain and have become attached to. It is also emotional to sell a collection or several cameras and lenses that a loved one left behind or is no longer able to use. We offer current selling prices and a market analysis based on condition, rarity, market demand and stock status.

We offer a buyout price range based on the info you provide us,condition rating, pictures, working order etc. We offer free shipping of your gear to us and payment within 24 hours. For medium to large collections, we will travel for physical inspection and purchase.

We also offer selling on a consignment basis at a fair rate with a buyout option. We WANT your Classic Vintage and current camera gear and we pay high prices for it. Please provide us with more info, pictures, and we will get back to you shortly.

Please provide us with more info and we will get back to you shortly.

Current cameras we recently purchased :

Leica M5 50 Jahre (50th Anniversary)

Rolleiflex Rollei 2.8 GX 75 Years Limited 1920-95

Hasselblad 2000/FCM Gold 100 years Anniversary Set Mint

Nikon S2 Original black camera set W/ 50mm black lens

Gandolfi 4x5 camera Mint