Silvestri camera outfit Sold with 4 x Silvestri lenses , finder and accessories Nice Mint- / Free Shipping (USA)


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Silvestri camera outfit (T30)Sold with:

4 silvestri lenses , finders and mount accessories.

Silvestri Schneider 58/5,6 XL Super Angulon MC / Germany

Silvestri Schneider 75/5,6 Super Angulon MC /Germany

Silvestri Schneider 100/5,6 Apo-Symmar MC / Germany

Silvestri Schneider 150/5,6 Componon Schneider SC / 

Silvestri 2x Monocular Reflex Viewer

(for flexicam Adapt)

Leather cap with a magnifying lens for the 6x7-6x9cm format 

The T30 is the ideal camera for architecture and travel photography.

Sold with 2 Rings in box Mint- 

The extension rings are used to adjust the different lengths of the lenses.

The rings n.1 and n.2 are also available in the 10mm offset and in the shiftable 15+15mm versions, which are useful to increase the rise or to combine the rise

with the side shift movement.

A complete range of Rodenstock and Schneider lenses available in Copal 0 or Copal Press shutter.


Sold in Rimowa Tropicana silvestri camera system case/


code 4090 6x7/9 Format Back with Ground Glass, Graflock-type connection.

code 4047 6x12 Format Back with Ground Glass and Magnifying Glass in Bellow included

Viewing devices for film backs


code 5030 Adjustable Reflex Viewer 6x9cm



code 5010 Magnifying glass in bellow for 6x9cm

sold with this camera

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