Sonne C4 Silver Leica copie camera with 50/2 Xenon Schneider-Kreuznach Col. lens Ex++/ Made In Italy

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Sonne C4
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Sonne C4 Silver Leica copie camera Nr.46010 (Italy) Ex++ with 50/2 Xenon Schneider-Kreuznach Col. lens Ex++ Nr.3506411 Ex++ , leather lifting in corners

Circa 1953 Like Sonne C with two windows only.

Extra large (14x20) viewfinder window,protruding above the much higher top.

33mm base rangefinder with pointed cam.

E/M synchronization selection by a tiny wheel located on the front of the body(near the usual Leica slow speed dial place )

shining chrome knobs, frame counter,dial and release.

weight without lens 480 g. 

Working camera , light haze nice vintage 

Who made the Sonne?

During WW2, officine Galileo had a plant 5 via San Giorgio, Pordenone (60km northeast of Venice)

As peace came back,one of the employees, Antonio Gatto, undertook to manufacture in this factory but under his name a Leica copy designed by the Signor Pignat ( Gatto's Company is often called "Pordenone")

The name chosen for the camera, Sonne means Sun in German (a rising sun is engraved on the top) The choice of a German brand (even for the lens.since Adlenar comes from Adler,eagle in German) and the large "German Patent" marking on some bodies show clearly a will to give a high class image to the camera.

More: the first Sonne was intentionally named "IV" (at a time when the Leica top model was the IIIc...)

Unfortunately, no advertising was done to sell the Sonnes- which soon disappeared ( they were however sold in France up to 1958 !)

300 Leica copies / Pont Princelle 

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