Sonne V Leica copie camera with 50/2 Xenon Schneider-Kreuznach Col. lens Ex++ / Made In Italy In stock

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Product Description

Sonne V Silver (Italy) Leica copie camera Nr.60232 sold with:

Xenon Schneider-Kreuznach 50/2 Col. lens Nr.2723116 Ex++

Nice clean working camera & 50mm lens, lens has light haze.



Like the Sonne IV with 1-1000 synchronized shutter (small slow speed dial behind the release), redesigned top (shorter rewind knob, bulging frame around the viewfinder window)

PC outlet in the front of the body (rewind side)

Lens: Elionar 3,5/50mm or Schneider Xenar or Xenon lens.

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