Voigtlander Double Accessory Shoe in Box Mint/LN-

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Voigtlander Double Accessory Shoe in Box Mint/LN-



Note from the importer regarding the Discontinued shoes.

"Made by Voigtlander co. , 3 different shoes, Types A, B, or C (right to left above).  

These allow you to double up on the accessories of your choice, such as a finder and a VC meter, a VC meter and the angle finder, a VC meter and a flash, a regular finder and an angle finder (shown below),  a wide finder and the low angle finder,  or a wide finder and the bubble spirit finder.   The double accessory shoe is not quite wide enough to mount two wide angle finders side by side, but it is wide enough to mount a wide angle finder alongside the 50, 75, or 90 finders.   NOT suggested is using the double accessory shoe to mount a flash.  #1 the Flash will likely be too wide to allow you to mount anything else in the other accessory shoe.  #2 mounting a flash in the outermost accessory shoe will likely put too much leveraged strain on ANY flash shoe.  #3 this is NOT a hot shoe -- it is NOT intended to mount a flash!

All three accessory shoe adapters have the same length and width -- the only difference is the height of the mounting shoe.    The bottom of the mounted shoes are coated in plastic, so they won't scratch the top of your camera.  IF you have a mixture of cameras and want to save a few bucks on Double Accessory shoes, the Type C will fit on practically all 35mm cameras.  The disadvantage of this solution is that the higher finder height will also in increased parallax at closer focus distances.




  • Type A is for relatively flat topped cameras like the Bessa R, R2, R2S, R2C, Leica screw mounts and the Leica M's, having a mount height of 4 mm. 

  • Type B has a mount height of 7 mm, works with the Bessa T or Nikon Rangefinders

  • Type C has a mount height of 10 mm and fits the Bessa L, Contax II or III or meterless Kiev Contax.

wpe4.gif (420764 bytes)

Each double acc shoe is 51 mm long by 20 mm wide.  The A shoe raises the accessory shoe 3mm, the B shoe 7 mm, the C shoe 10 mm.   You want to make sure the double acc shoe will extend over rewind controls, while not covering the advance and shutter release. 


February 2006 UPDATE: Type B and C Double Shoes discontinued.    May 2007 Type A Discontinued.  

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